PDXTuning is the premier shop in the north-western United States providing tuning, installation, alignment, corner balancing, and custom fabrication services.

Our staff has over 15 years of combined tuning experience with the highly successful TurboXS UTEC, Possum Link ECU, Haltech, and the Vishnu Xede packages. 

PDXTuning is home to some of the best Subaru tuners in the pacific northwest.  Our experience, knowledge and professional tuning tools will unlock the potential of your performance vehicle. 


Shop Hours:
Monday - Friday 9a.m. - 5p.m.
Saturday - Appointment Only


Steve Morton's WRX

Steve's WRX is one of the most impressive wagons we've ever had the pleasure of working on.  His mods include; 1820g, TurboXS FMIC, TurboXS UTEC, TurboXS Intake, AVCR, Aquamist DDS3, Helix DP / Greddy Exhaust, A full complement of Defi Gauges, Modified stock injectors, Walbro 255 fuel pump, SSR Wheels, 235/40R17 tires and some fantastic custom interior work.


James Blastow's STi


Here are pics and mods for James' STI.
FP Green turbo, Perrin FMIC, Perrin BIG Maf intake, Worx blow off valve, Invidia's turboback exhaust, GFB pulley kit, 820cc injectors, Walbro fuel pump, Apex-i AVC-R, NGK 1 step colder plugs, EcuTek reflash with PDXTuning Stage 4 STi tune @ 22psi all monitored by EcuTek's Delta Dash.


Curtis's Green STi

Curtis is one of our customers who recently made the jump from stage 2 to Green. Having previously owned a Z06 the STi had some pretty big shoes to fill. With the upgrade to stage 2 Curtis was out beating up on the local American muscle cars, but now he is just merciless. With our complete stage 4 Green setup and our base flash Curtis will make you think twice the next time you come up on a stealthy black STi.


Jamie's Rally Car

Jamie, aka Subie Gal, brought us Burnsie to see if we could not breathe a little more life into her rally car. Initially Burnsie was not looking so hot, but a little time on the rollers and Burnsie pepped right up. We look forward to spending a little more time with Burnsie and seeing if we can not make Burnsie forget about that silly 32mm restrictor plate holding the power back.

Shawn's WRX  


Ben's Turbo Legacy  

This Legacy packs a little more punch than your average 2001 Legacy. Ben started with a turbo, and most recently added a 6 speed. Unfortunately Ben thought it would be a good idea to paint his brakes yellow, which really makes this sweet car drop down a notch on the sweet stealth car scale.

Geoff's Turbo OBS  

This OBS has a 2002 WRX motor dropped into it, along with RA gears added to the tranny to help put that extra power to the ground. Geoff has added a PDXTuning reflash to his WRX ECU to take control of his STi 550 injectors, up pipe, down pipe, and VF39 turbo.

Geoff, unlike Ben, decided that painted brakes were not the way to go, so he added WRX brakes front and rear to improve the braking performance of his OBS, without bringing undue attention to his brakes.

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