Cobb Access Port Data Logger FAQs

 Please read the following frequently asked questions before contacting PDXTuning for individual assistance.


For current instructions on using the AP to data log please check with Cobb's site here,

As a general rule with data logging you only want to provide the parameters needed to resolve a particular issue. Since adding in additional parameters just slows the logging rate more is not better in this case. In some cases the logging rate will become so slow that desired data may not even be visable in the data log as it will sample before and after the problem. Please, only record the specific items needed. In the case of complex issues we will start with a basic set of paramters and then alter the list to identify specific issues one at a time.

The basic set of deisred parameters are below. These should be used as a basic data logging data set:

Ignition timing
Fine Knock Learning
feedback Knock
A/F Learning #1
A/F correction #1
Wastegate duty cycle
MAF Voltage
Calculated load

Please include one pull from 2000 RPM to redline with it floored, and some normal driving. Be sure that the pull from 2000 rpm to redline does not occur with the intercooler heat soaked. For example sitting with the car idling for 5 minutes while you setup the AP to record, and then running full boost right away will likely yeild a data log indicating the map needs to be made more conservative. Ideally try to make the pull in 3rd or 4th gear, depending on your transmission and your ability to perform the test in a safe and legal environment.

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